"Thinking Partner" Consultants -- Chronicling Resistance

PACSCL has engaged a diverse group of "thinking partner" consultants to its Chronicling Resistance, Enabling Resistance project. These consultants join with PACSCL members, the project staff, other cultural organizations, community groups and communities of activism to consider issues of resistance and memory.
  • Laurie Allen, University of Pennsylvania Library / Monument Lab
  • Bonnee Breese Benton, public school teacher
  • Rob Blackson, Temple Contemporary
  • Paul Farber, University of Pennsylvania / Monument Lab
  • Valerie Gay, Art Sanctuary
  • Ivan Henderson, African American Museum in Philadlephia
  • Katherine Kane, Harriet Beecher Stowe House (emerita)
  • Sean Kelley, Eastern State Penitentiary
  • Nathaniel Popkin, Hidden City / History Making Productions
  • Matt Rader, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
  • Hazami Sayed, Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture
  • Jessica Shupik, Public school teacher
  • Rebecca Traister, journalist
  • Morris Vogel, Tenement Museum
  • Tufuku Zuberi, University of Pennsylvania