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Dear National History Day Participant:

Thanks for your interest in our member libraries and archives and their rare or unique materials relating to the history and culture of our city, our region, our nation, and the world. We can help you to engage with history through the use of primary sources, visual material, and access to experts on your topic.

Plan a visit to one or more of the libraries -- our member librarians and archivists want you to visit and want to help you make your project the best it can be. So don't be afraid to call and email to set up a research appointment.  

Our libraries hold more than 4,000,000 rare books, 260,000 linear feet of manuscripts and archival materials (that would make a stack of paper more than 45 miles high!), and 9,000,000 photographs, maps, architectural drawings, and works of art on paper. Many PACSCL libraries have rare or unique audio and video recordings as well.

Judging at 2005 eventMaterials in PACSCL member collections can help you add an important dimension to your project, deepen your understanding of your topic, and sharpen your competitive edge.  Be sure to check the collection of research links on to find more materials in local libraries, archives, and museums.  You'll find them all at 

Other important resources on the PACSCL website include: 

  • Member profiles and weblinks. These short descriptions of our member libraries will help you to decide whether or not their collections may have items that will help to make your project a standout. Once you've read the descriptions, take the link to the library's website. Look for section labels such as "collections," "finding aids," "digital collections," and "online exhibitions." These area will give you an idea of the kinds of materials a library will have to offer. Or streamline the process by using the new search tools (above).
  • Library catalog page. This is a link to our members' online catalogs. Use it as a reference to search our member library holdings -- but remember, not all of our members have online records for all of their materials.
  • Tips for using a rare book and manuscript library. It's a little different from your media center or local library, but once you get the hang of it, you'll find that research with our member libraries is surprisingly easy and exciting. (We put this together for the NHD/Philly site.)
Explore National History Day resources on the web:

[Winners in the NHDPhilly regional competition advance to the statewide competition: May 10 and 11 at Millersville University. NHDPhilly has to date been able to fund full scholarships (meals, registration fees, overnight accommodations and transportation) for students finishing in first and second place.]   

The links on the right take you right to our members' websites.