State Library of Pennsylvania Begins Hosting Informal Directory to Digitized Historical Pennsylvania Newspapers

State Library of Pennsylvania

The State Library will begin hosting an informal guide to historical Pennsylvania newspapers that have been digitized. See the directory at the State Library's web site under "State Library News" at


This directory lists Pennsylvania newspapers known to exist in a digital format; however there may be more newspaper titles and dates that were not identified in the preparation of this list. The State Library invites libraries and historical societies to contribute to this directory by contacting us with additional information which will be used for periodic updates.


This listing is not meant to be the definitive source but rather an evolving document that will be updated periodically when new information becomes available.


The first page of this guide contains digitized Pennsylvania newspapers that are freely accessible on the web and provides a link to the source of the newspaper images.


The second page contains titles that are available through paid subscriptions to databases and also indicates whether those databases are available in the State Library in Harrisburg.


Note: This guide is not intended to cover contemporary Pennsylvania newspapers that are made available through electronic feeds to various database companies or to the internet.


Please submit any new links, information, questions or comments to .