Rockwell Kent and the Art of the Book

Philadelphia Museum of Art
Letter "T" from the Modern School Alphabet, 1971-2-213During his long life, Rockwell Kent (American, 1882–1971) assumed the roles of painter, lobsterman, writer, dairy farmer, sailor, printmaker, architect, well-digger, illustrator, and carpenter. He devoted all of his legendary energy to each of these efforts, but none brought his work into the public imagination more than his book illustrations. This installation presents a selection of the artist’s works for trade, limited-edition, and deluxe publications, along with bookplates (and related wood blocks) designed for individuals and the mass market. The Library is pleased to present selected bound volumes of Kent’s limited editions and trade publications along with unbound materials from the collection of the Museum’s Prints, Drawings, and Photographs department. Like all Museum Library materials, additional volumes illustrated by Kent and books about the artist are available to researchers upon request.