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American Philosophical Society

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Philadelphia, PA 19106
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Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM


  • Patrick K. Spero, Librarian, 215-440-3405, librarian AT amphilsoc DOT org (PACSCL rep)
  • Marian L. Christ, Head Cataloguer, 215-440-3407, mchrist AT amphilsoc DOT org
  • Anne E. Downey, Head of Conservation, 215-440-3412, adowney AT amphilsoc DOT org
  • David Gary, Curator of Printed Materials, 215-599-4279, dgary AT amphilsoc DOT org
  • Charles B. Greifenstein, Associate Librarian & Curator of Manuscripts, 215-440-3404, cgreifenstein AT amphilsoc DOT org
  • Scott Ziegler Head of Technology Systems, 215-599-4299, sziegler AT amphilsoc DOT org


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The oldest learned society in the United States, the American Philosophical Society held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Knowledge was founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1743.The APS has played an important role in the cultural life of the nation for nearly two-and-one-half centuries and has been particularly prominent in support of the sciences.

The Society first began acquiring books and manuscripts in the 1770s, and today its Library is one of the principal institutions in the United States for study of the history of science. It has extensive collections in several areas in the history of science, most notably in genetics and eugenics, evolutionary biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, quantum theory and other areas in twentieth century physics, as well as important holdings in the history of American anthropology (particularly Native American languages and cultures), for American history generally prior to 1860, and for Benjamin Franklin and his circle. The American Philosophical Society cares for approximately thirteen million manuscripts, 300,000 volumes, and numerous historically important scientific artifacts.