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McCabe Library Rare Book Room 

Friends Historical Library

Peace Collection

  • Wendy E. Chmielewski, Curator, 610-328-7325, wchmiel1@swarthmore.edu
  • Mary Beth Sigado, Technical Services Specialist, 610-328-8527, msigado1@swarthmore.edu
  • Anne M. Yoder, Archivist, 610-328-8030, ayoder1@swarthmore.edu

Friends Historical Library was established in 1871, with research collections on Quaker history and doctrine; Indian rights, women's rights, and abolition of slavery; Quaker activity in literature, science, business education, and government. With more than 45,000 books, pamphlets and serials, 60,000 photographs, 400 major manuscript collections, and 9,000 volumes of original meeting records, Friends Historical Library is one of the outstanding research facilities for the study of Quaker history. The Library also maintains the Swarthmore College Archives and the papers of the Swarthmore Historical Society.

In addition there is the Swarthmore College Peace Collection, established in 1930, encompassing the history of the peace movement, conscientious objection, pacifism, arms control and disarmament, nonviolence, internationalism, and civil disobedience. The collection contains nearly 155 major document groups, approximately 2,000 smaller collective document groups, over 12,000 catalogued books and pamphlets, 400 periodicals currently received, and 1,500 microfilm reels.

McCabe Library Rare Book Room holdings include: the Bathe Collection on the history of technology (1,000 volumes); materials on James Thomson (400 volumes); William Wordsworth (200 volumes); W. H. Auden (500 volumes); British Americana, including accounts of British travelers in the United States (1,500 volumes); Private Presses and artists' books, reflecting the output of the private press and book artists primarily in the United States and Great Britain (6,000 volumes and growing); Swarthmoreana (7,000 volumes); and other smaller groups of miscellaneous rare, illustrated, and decorated books (5,000 volumes).