Welcome to PACSCL Best Practices

Committees, working groups, and the projects they have incubated are at the heart of PACSCL’s mission.

Through this work, best practices have evolved.  Some of these best practices are project based,while others are guidelines or ideas that represent working methods that have been accepted for use by PACSCL’s membership.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee is an ad hoc committee charged with strategizing for and developing opportunities to build a more diverse, inclusive, and anti-racist PACSCL. This work is intended to apply to PACSCL itself, its member organizations, and their staff. The Committee strives to understand the broader issues of diversity and equity and how these issues impact our work and the users we serve.

Reading Room Practices (To be released in 2023)


Technology Sustainability

The Technology Sustainability Working Group will propose guidelines and policies for handling existing digital assets and projects and creating new ones.  The working group will set strategic directions for shared infrastructures and partnerships with PACSCL members and will consult with other PACSCL committees on the financial and personnel implications of technology used. The working group will create an inventory of PACSCL’s digital assets, articulate their current and anticipated future needs, and plan for the sustainability of core assets.

Digital Project Sustainability Framework

This document is designed to help GLAM institutions plan their digital projects with sustainability and maintenance baked in from the beginning. This should help ensure that your digital project remains accessible as long as possible and reduce the number of surprises you encounter along the way. It is not a list of proscriptive best practices, but rather a series of questions that institutions and project staff should ask themselves at the beginning of any digital initiative. Answering these questions should point you toward problem areas, issues to discuss with other project participants, and maintenance events to plan for now, in order to make your project more sustainable long term.

Linked in the Sustainability Framework is the Digital Project Sustainability Tracking Form, which is a separate document intended for institutions partnering with PACSCL for a specific project. If you are part of a project that falls into this group, PACSCL will be in touch about how and when to use this spreadsheet. Institutions creating internal projects may also find this tracking form useful as a template and we welcome you to adapt any PACSCL Technology Sustainability Working Group documentation to your own needs.

Community Best Practices

We are also seeking submissions of existing digital project and preservation best practices from PACSCL institutions, which will be made available in this Google Drive folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1uMD3cRt3fn3bHQOWACVT5lpzr4KgfiFS 

We aim to create a resource of digital preservation documents and practices representing the variety of institutions that are part of PACSCL, from academic libraries to museum archives and everything in between. Please submit any official policy in place at your institution that touches on some aspect of digital preservation, sustainability, and maintenance. 

If you have any questions about this working group, the Sustainability Framework, or if you would like to add policy documents to the shared folder, please contact working group co-chairs Celia Caust-Ellenbogen ccauste1@swarthmore.edu or Lynn Dorwaldt LynnD@wagnerfreeinstitute.org.


Grant Development Guidelines

The Grant Development Working Group will develop guidelines that will help ensure that grant-funded projects reflect the diversity of PACSCL member institutions and their collections. The Working Group will also establish guidelines around grant-funded employment.

PACSCL Grant Development Guidelines (To be released in 2023)


Past Project Documentation