In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, PACSCL has developed several sets of resources. If you have ideas for something that could be helpful to PACSCL members during this time, please contact the Communications Committee or the Program and Member Engagement Committee.

  • PACSCL Library Status 2020. Community doc to track institutional closures, re-openings, and services during the current COVID-19 emergency.
  • Library Services in the Age of COVID-19. Discussion notes and resources from the PACSCL Community Forum about library services held on June 26th, 2020. Topics covered include staffing and safety protocols, materials handling, and strategies for remote access and instruction.
  • Digital Collections and Projects. PACSCL has put together a list of digital collections and projects freely available from PACSCL institutions, which may serve researchers and instructors.
  • “Staff Picks” of useful COVID-19 Resources. Do you have a resource—either from PACSCL or beyond—that you want to recommend to other PACSCL staff? If so, add it to our staff picks! These can be teaching resources, events, podcasts, webinars, blogs, transcription projects, or other things that have been helpful to you during COVID-19. You can also see the recommendations from PACSCL staff.
  • Collecting COVID-19. PACSCL also invites members to contribute to a spreadsheet tracking which PACSCL institutions are actively collecting materials about the COVID-19 pandemic. This information can be useful to anyone looking for guidance or feedback on the collecting activities. Please fill out the survey even if you aren’t collecting pandemic-related materials (this information can be helpful, too!).
  • Web-archiving COVID-19. PACSCL has also launched a new partnership with Archive-It to develop a public collection of COVID-19 related material relevant to the region and the group’s members. The project is especially focused on involving organizations which do not currently have Archive-It accounts to provide a cost-free opportunity to explore and learn about the platform. This work will serve as a proof of concept and may lead to more collaborative PACSCL web archiving projects in the future, beyond the COVID-19 focus. Archive-It will also be holding a series of special “office hours” just for PACSCL. These are primarily intended for new Archive-It users learning how to use PACSCL’s COVID-19 collection, but it is open to any staff from any PACSCL institution. Dates and connection information will be shared on the PACSCL listserv. If you have any questions about this project or would like to receive an Archive-It login to participate, please contact Marge Huang.