Guidelines for Membership

PACSCL membership is by institution, not by individual. If you are a current or new staff member of a PACSCL member institution, you are welcome to attend our general meetings and member events and to sign up for the PACSCL member Google group. Member staff may also participate in the life of PACSCL in other ways. To sign up for the Google group, email Beth Lander.  To participate in other ways, talk with your PACSCL member representative. 

The following represent general guidelines for evaluating potential institutional members of PACSCL. These guidelines are intended to provide structure and direction but do not preclude other considerations as well.

  1. Eligibility for 501(c)(3) or comparable status.
  2. Publicly accessible collections and services.
  3. An active collection development program.
  4. Appropriately organized (e.g., staff, services, facilities, etc.) as a library or archive.
  5. A distinct and recognizable special collections focus: rare books, manuscripts, and works of art on paper (prints, photographs, maps, etc.).
  6. Ability and willingness to contribute to PACSCL and participate actively in its projects and programs.

PACSCL dues are on a sliding scale, based on size of special collections library operations. PACSCL is currently reviewing its dues structure and programmatic offerings. Organizations interested in membership should email Beth Lander,, for additional information.