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Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

We acknowledge that the current lack of diversity and inclusion in cultural institutions is a threat to the historic record, the relevance of our organizations, and the future of our profession.

We aspire to develop collections that — in addition to celebrating our region’s storied past, the history of world cultures, and scientific inquiry, among other topics — illuminate our present. We especially seek to preserve and amplify traditionally underrepresented voices from the past and present.

We aspire to be a resource for and support to repositories and communities outside our membership, particularly the underserved and under-resourced, as they build, gather, care for, and share their own stories and records.

We aspire to support users and repositories both within and beyond PACSCL as they expand their definitions of materials that should be collected to encompass the widest possible range of voices.

We aspire to reduce barriers to users of all backgrounds and interests and to expand our community of users and stakeholders.

We aspire to create pathways that will encourage and facilitate entry to the profession among underrepresented populations.

We aspire to identify the structural barriers to inclusion and to develop ways to dismantle them.

Adopted by the Board of Directors February 2017