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For Members

For Members

Membership in PACSCL is an investment in the combined strengths and skills of the special collections profession in the Philadelphia region and in the communities we serve.

Through this investment, PACSCL members receive a number of benefits, including the ability to leverage the community to accomplish things that individual members may not be able to achieve on their own.

  • Members appoint a Representative, a role which includes the responsibility to vote in PACSCL elections and participate in strategic discussions about PACSCL’s priorities and future.
  • Member Representatives may run for a seat on the PACSCL Board.
  • Member Representatives may serve on a Board committee or be appointed to chair such a committee.

Programming & Special Events

  • Staff at member institutions receive priority registration for certain events (such as workshops with a limited number of seats).

Projects & Grants

  • Members may propose PACSCL grant projects and participate in decision-making about what grants PACSCL should pursue and when.
  • Staff from member institutions may serve in a formal administrative role (such as Principal Investigator [PI], co-PI, or fiscal agent) on a PACSCL grant.


  • Members receive a 20% discount for all staff to take Library Juice Academy classes & certifications.
  • Members currently receive a 2% discount on RDA Toolkit subscriptions. The discounted amount will rise with more participants.
  • Members receive a 10% discount on Hollinger Metal Edge products.
  • Members can join a consortial OPAC subscription for an instance of Koha through Equinox Open Library Initiative.


  • Members can participate in PACSCL’s Disaster Response Network, which includes links to local vendors and service providers, a cluster system of local aid, training, and disaster planning guidance.

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