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DEI Internship Program

PACSCL Undergraduate DEI Internship Program

PACSCL’s DEI internship program provides an undergraduate student from an underrepresented community/ies exposure to and experience working in a special collections library.


In July 2020, the PACSCL DEI Committee sent out an anonymous survey, open to PACSCL members as well as non-members, asking for feedback to assist the Committee in determining its charge and future programming and initiatives. The number one issue respondents wanted it to include was professional recruitment, e.g. internship programs for area students. In response, the DEI Committee requested that PACSCL fund one paid undergraduate internship for a student from an underrepresented community at a PACSCL member institution. The funds will specifically be used for the student’s stipend.

Host Institutions

Each year, the DEI Committee/Internship Working Group formally invites PACSCL institutions to submit an application to serve as hosts, which is shared/ announced on the PACSCL listserv. Applications are reviewed by members of the DEI Committee/Working Group. The main criteria for selecting a host(s) includes the institution’s prioritization of and initiatives related to DEI as well as projects they have planned for the intern, specifically those that would offer substantive experience. Institutions that can fund their own interns are also encouraged to apply.


PACSCL will cover the costs of one intern’s salary and fringe benefits/travel costs for one host institution, totaling $2000. Hosts are responsible for disbursing the funds to the student and all logistics related to payroll. Institutions that participate can also supply their own funding. 

2024 Internships

Spring 2024

Host institution: LaSalle University

Mentor: Heather Willever-Farr

Student: Dezlen Long

Past Programs and Interns

Fall 2023

Host institution: Princeton University

Mentors: Nancy Loi, The Rosenbach Museum & Library

Students: Daniel Dias

Spring 2022

Host institutions: Princeton University and The Rosenbach Museum & Library

Mentors: Allison Mills, Bryn Mawr College & Ainsley Wynn Eakins, the Library Company of Philadelphia


Princeton intern: August Roberts

Rosenbach intern: Ruth Mercedes

Job Posting and Promotion

Hosts are responsible for composing the majority of the job posting for their internship. The DEI Committee only asks for specific language regarding eligibility, sponsor, and mentorship. The DEI Committee will also work with the hosts to promote their postings through PACSCL’s channels, Handshake account, and emails to local colleges and universities. 

Projects for Intern

The host institution is responsible for detailing the intern’s projects and responsibilities. Please note that projects do not necessarily have to be DEI-related. Folks from underrepresented communities, like anyone else, might be interested in various subjects/work. It may also behoove institutions to have at least a couple of projects in mind to match a student’s interests. 


The DEI Committee will be responsible for recruiting and matching a mentor for the student. Mentors will include staff at PACSCL member institutions who identify as members of historically-marginalized communities. The DEI committee will facilitate an introductory meeting between mentors and students.

Any questions: