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Become a Volunteer!

Come work with PACSCL!

Staff at member institutions, as well as colleagues from other institutions, are welcome to serve on PACSCL committees and working groups, which strive to be useful to all members of the PACSCL community, provide advice to the PACSCL board as needed, and work with PACSCL membership to implement its ideas.

Types of Committees

There are two standing committeesFinance, and Nominations & Governance – which oversee PACSCL’s corporate functions. At least one-third of standing committee members must be Member Representatives.

There are four ad hoc committees: Communications, DEI, Program & Member Engagement, and Tech Sustainability. Ad Hoc Committees are created by the Board of Directors when deemed “necessary or desirable.” Ad Hoc committee members need not be Member Representatives.

Membership on either standing or ad hoc committees begins either upon appointment or after the Annual General Meeting. Membership is for one year with annual renewal.

Working Groups

Working groups are created to meet specific needs within defined periods of time. Working groups may be formed by either the Board of Directors or a Committee. While membership in working groups is open to any interested person, to ensure that working groups reflect the goals of the membership, a majority of working group members will be staff at member institutions.

Currently, there are two working groups: the Emergency Response Working Group and the Semiquincentennial Working Group.

Get in Touch!

If you’d like to learn more about volunteering with PACSCL either contact one of the committee or working group chairs, or send an email to Beth Lander, Managing Director at